Ethiopian Clothing

Ethiopian fashion and cultural Clothes

Ethiopian traditional cloth

Ethiopia clothing

Ethiopians have different kind of traditional Ethiopian clothing, and different culture their own clothing style of clothing. Now a days Ethiopian designers made improvement on the cultural clothes and make it comfortable for everyday wear. Ethiopian fashion is now becoming popular US and Europe, Ethiopian clothing is becoming available for online shopping. The demand for Ethiopian modern dresses is mostly from Ethiopians and Eritreans who lives abroad but other peoples also wearing it. Habesha clothes are made from pure cotton weaven by hand and processed by Shemane.

Ethiopian fashion – Top

Ethiopian fashion aclothing


this type of dresses wear everyday with jeans tights and others…

Ethiopian clothing – mini skirt

Habesha kemis


This beautiful  Ethiopian fashion dress is made from cotton and embroidery at the bottom

Ethiopian Wedding dresses

Ethiopian wedding dress


Modernized Ethiopian couture wedding dresses are made from pure cutton and blend with other materials.

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